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Beaches aren't only for tourists. Yes. They see their fair share of tourists' visits. But, beaches offer benefits year round, not just during the summer when loads of tourists show up. Putting you only steps away from sandy shores and open waterways are just a couple of the benefits that you can get when you live in a home near the beach. Other things that make a beach home great include:

  • Outdoor community movies - Builds a spirit of unity among area residents. A great way to see new releases for free or at a reduced price before the movies open to the general public. Up and coming entertainers as well as established singers and musicians also perform live concerts at beach resorts and outdoor venues. It's these events that put you center of the opportunity to meet new people, especially during peak tourists summer seasons. If you or your children are looking for seasonal work, the chances that you'll find work might increase after you move to a beach community.
  • Boardwalk events - Popular beaches like those along the New Jersey shore are home to some of the more exciting boardwalks. At the boardwalk, you can find top restaurants, fast food dining, shops, art stores and more. You can also find local businesses that perform aggressive hiring just before summer arrives.
  • Gorgeous views - Depending on where your beach home is located, you could look out your living room, bedroom or kitchen window and take in an amazing mountainous landscape. Lush palm trees, miles of ocean and warm, coastal sands are other natural views that you could awaken to if you own a beach home. You might even catch dolphin, porpoise or a whale moving in the nearby ocean.
  • Rental property - Should you decide to vacate your beach home during the summer, you could rent the property to tourists. Tourists looking for long term temporary housing might pay competitive rental rates to stay at your home. Who knows? You might generate enough income by renting your beach home to cover three months of mortgage payments.
  • Mild climate - Although there is no guarantee that you won't have to deal with cold weather if you buy a beach home, because you'll be located near the ocean, you may enjoy milder winters and summers. You'll definitely get to warm your feet on the sand for weeks. You can also explore your fishing, surfing and boating passions.

Beach front homes are hard to beat

There is a wealth of advantages that come with living in a beach home. Seemingly boundless opportunities to explore outdoor passions, meet new people and enjoy milder climates are among those benefits. So too is the chance to dine on quality cuisine, enjoy live entertainment and earn an income by renting your property during peak tourists seasons.

Challenges that may be inherent in living in a beach home include wind and water related storms like hurricanes. You'll definitely want flood insurance if you live near a beach. More importantly, you'll want to get outdoors and enjoy your property. After all, that may be the number one thing that makes a beach home so great -- being only feet away from the amazing outdoors.